Please allow me to introduce myself : Michael Labelle, a computer artist from Montreal, Canada. I am a graphic designer by trade and a LEGO model builder by passion.  I have been actively designing and assembling original LEGO buildings for over ten years. I possess a strong background in architecture, its history and forms.

My most notable project is Marina City Korea, commissioned by Mr. K.H.Kang ( 1987~1999; the former marketing manager of LEGO Korea Co., Ltd.), under auspices of LEGO Dacta Team of Korea. This 6 x 12 foot layout of an imaginary city was shown at the LEGOWORLD Expo at COEX (www.coex.co.kr) in Seoul, in December of 2007 and at BEXCO (www.bexco.co.kr) in Busan City in August 2008. The concept is a master-plan for a moveable urban grid that can be laid out on shallow waters or on grounds that can be flooded.  All the elements are raised eight bricks above the ground and the modular system enables quick changes of buildings and bridges within the grid.  It can be simply rearranged in thousands of different ways using pin connectors that is standard across the city.  The scale is 1 :256

As an adult, I am still enjoying LEGO bricks because I have always remained a child inside.  I appreciate LEGO bricks even more so now.  There are so many more different shapes of bricks to work with. It is modular, long-lasting and can be altered anytime. The possibilities are infinite. I am also still enjoying LEGO bricks because I can imagine living in a city that I conceive. Lego bricks are a wonderful tool to work with in making building models.  It offers so much flexibility and is so clean and crisp.  One get to see an instant result when building with those plastic gems. It is the first three-dimensional digital toy.

A building is a product of the LEGO shapes and mathematics.  LEGO bricks are part of the first real digital toy.  It  can be manipulated with fingers but also it can be displayed in infinite sequences like three-dimensional plastic pixels.  The brick is added to and removed from the grid, like electrons.